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It seems to be all about the labels at the moment....

By passageuk, Aug 9 2016 01:26PM

Like all areas of Fashion the vintage world of whats hot and whats not changes rapidy.

One week everyone wants denim, denim 501's, denim jackets, denim shorts, denim, denim, denim then the next week the phone is red hot for sportswear, or 1940's dresses, tweed jackets and so on.

The warehouse at Vintage Wholesale is vast with rails and rails of mens and ladies vintage clothing and we aim to cater for everything you are looking for.

The last couple of week's everyone seems to be after branded sportswear so if thats what you are looking for believe me we have it! The warehouse has branded sportswear in abundance. We stock nike, adidas, champion, puma, fred perry, ellese and lots of other old skool brands from the 70's 80's and 90's.

So whatever it is that you're looking for at the moment we are always here to speak with you to see if we can assist you in your stock search.


May 4 2018 08:36PM by JAVI

How to make a order

May 4 2018 08:41PM by passageuk

you can let me know what kind of product you would like in a collection and i can choose for you or book yourself an appointment and select your can email me on [email protected]


Martin Mclauchlan

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