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Wimbledon, Euro's.........Lets talk Vintage Sportswear

By passageuk, Jul 12 2016 09:07AM

So who remembers watching this Wimbledon?

How great does that sportswear look?

We love Vintage Branded Sportswear. Whether its Fred Perry, Adidas, Puma, Nike the list is endless but we stock it all.

So a little bit of FILA history.

FILA was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy. It was setup by the FILA brothers and initially started with textile and knitwear.

In 1942 it expanded and merged with Fratelli Fila and by 1972 it hit sales of over 1 Billion Lire and a workforce of over 250 people.

In 1972 they introduced White Line Fila which took off massively.

Then in 1973 Fila followed Bjorn Borg as he ascended to his pinnacle of sports history. By him winning five consecutive victories at Wimbledon Borg firmly established his legacy as tennis' most dominant and unique player, both in terms of technique and style.

We stock a large selection of Branded sportswear. Remember all our stock is clean, repaired, hung on rails and ready for you to select.

If you would like an appointment to buy from us call Martin on 07815 292027 and we can book you in.

Mar 24 2021 10:30PM by Steve Lloyd

I'm after fila bj track top whiteline pit 24 to 24 if yu can help thanks

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